Who We Are

THERIMAAN is Established in 2016, founded by Mrs. Sutha Sathiskumar as a clothing brand for ladies. She participated in various exhibitions across the state to promote the brand, then she realised that all the apparels and other commodities were printed with english quotes only. Then she started to think “why are all people using only one language in all the apparels”.

With the support of Artist Mr.Muruganantham who is founder of Oviya Kalaikoodam, created many soulful designs in her mother tongue. Then she started therimaan.com e-commerce store to sell the products which is printed in other than English. After remarkable customer support and positive feedback we strongly believe “Mother Tongue is Must for Success”.

What We Do

Therimaan is a global custom design company, that incorporate its soul from the affiliation that we have with our mother toungue. Now where peoples are losing their significance about the mother tounge and have become isolated to common languages. We are on a mission to bring back the emotion behind the mother tounge by using the comodity which is printed in mother tongue quotes. We strongly believe that no other strategy can be better than telling the world who you are and what backround are you from with using your mother tongue.

Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are the mother tongues which is have more population in South India. English and Hindi commonly used to comunicate by the most of the peoples in India. We concentrate to print our comodity products with the above languages’s quotes, proverbs, thoughts and dialogues.

Apart from language we are slowly migrating to the western cultrure which is not given too much importance for the relationships like Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, Siblings, Couples and Friends. We keep this in our mind and develop the print design to value the relationships.